The 2011 Solar Decathlon is a biannual competition hosted by the US Department of Energy. The competition challenges universities across the globe to design and build a net-zero energy home that is then transported to Washington, D.C. and displayed on the National Mall where it is judged in 10 categories by a panel of professional architects, engineers, builders, and designers. The competition is the most prestigious design- build competition in the world.

McKenzie Custom Builders president, Travis McKenzie was selected to manage and lead ASU’s Solar Homestead team in the 2011 Solar Decathlon as the Project Manager while he was pursuing his master’s in Appropriate Technology. This two year long project tested each individual involved in the project and served to be proving grounds for Travis’ dedication to the project. Job responsibilities included but were not limited to: overseeing and coordinating the Communication, Architecture and Design, Engineering and Construction Teams to ensure a competitive entry into the competition.

  • 20 international teams
  • Design – build competition
  • 1000 sf
  • Net-zero energy
  • Modern trombe wall
  • Central Core
  • Solar thermal skylight
  • Phase change thermal storage
  • Staggered stud wall framing
  • Great porch
  • Bifacial PV canopy
  • Flex space
  • Green roof
  • Poplar bark siding